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What’s the tourist residence in Turkey?

Tourist residency in Turkey is the legal way to reside in Turkey for new visitors who enter into Turkish territory and wish to reside in Turkey for a longer period than the specified period in the visa they have entered into Turkey, not only this but also tourist residency in Turkey also allows its holder to obtain residency Working in Turkey.

What are the documents required to obtain residence permits in Turkey?

Appointment reservation papers:

Health insurance: It is extracted through the official website of the Turkish Immigration Service. It is a compulsory medical insurance, the duration of which must cover the required period of residence.

Rent contract: There must be a rental contract certified by the Turkish notary for at least one year

Personal Photos: 4 personal photos must be prepared when going to the appointment.

Passport: The validity of the passport must cover the period required for residency.

Photocopies of the visa or page on which the entry was stamped in the passport

What are the benefits and advantages of obtaining it?

The residence permit provides the holder with the right to enter and exit Turkey without the need to request a visa and without paying any financial fees.

Obtaining tourist residency in Turkey is very important, as it is requested almost in all internal procedures.

Tourist residency in Turkey is one of the basic conditions that enable you to obtain work residency in Turkey.

Important notes for those interested in obtaining tourist residency in Turkey:
  • attention must be paid to the legal period of a person’s presence in Turkey, as it is not possible to apply for tourist residency if the applicant has exceeded the legal period.
  • When applying for a tourist residence permit in Turkey for a period of one or two years, the passport and health insurance must cover the required period of residence.
  • Nationalities that enter the Turkish territory without a visa will have an additional value that must be paid when applying for the tourist residence for the first time.

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