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The Turkish government offers many advantages to foreign students, including an encouragement of science and culture. It has granted foreign students the right to obtain a student’s residence in Turkey and facilitated procedures for obtaining them, a residence that grants their bearer the right to remain and learn on Turkish lands in a legal way, and Student residence is a personal card that contains information about the student’s name, date of birth, gender, nationality and personal photo. Know with us the conditions for obtaining the student’s residence and the necessary papers to obtain them.
A student’s residence permit is granted in Turkey for the first time for a year and in the case of renewal or extension it is granted a sufficient period to complete the remaining years of the study, but in the case of completing the study before the end of the residence period it is considered canceled within 10 days from the date of graduation, and it is necessary to apply for Another type of residence permit helps you stay on Turkish land legally, such as tourist residence.

Conditions for obtaining student residence in Turkey:

The necessary papers to obtain the student’s residence in Turkey
A valid passport translated into Turkish, and copies of it and from the pages on which the entry stamp in Turkey is located.
Personal Photos.
Medical insurance for one year, provided that it is Turkish and not international.

Important note for students

The advantages of student residence in Turkey
The residence of the student does not need to create a bank account for the student or for one of the parents. It is not required to provide an annual lease contract and a taboo paper for the home subject of the lease or work residence.
The applicant must be a student in higher education (university, masters, doctorate), or students of Turkish institutes, or students in Turkish and elementary and middle schools whose education adopts persons or stakeholders.
Admission is required in the previous authorities in the sense that there is a final acceptance sheet, which is a paper obtained from the official website of the specific university, taking into consideration the conversion of the acceptance sheet when coming to Turkey to the “student identification paper” or called “student data sheet” and it is a paper Important It is used among the papers required to obtain student residence in Turkey.
The residency appointment paper, which is a printed paper that we obtain from the official website of the Turkish Immigration and Passports Department via the Internet, and you must have this paper and the paper printed on the date of the interview.
Proof of the student or independent residence in which you intend to reside in the sense of detailed information on the address of the residence, and it does not require a one-year rental contract as is the case when applying for a tourist residence.
-The student data sheet and we obtain it using the university acceptance letter from the university headquarters itself, and it should be extracted immediately, before the appointment, because it is a short validity period of about 5 days from the date of its issuance.
Pay the amount of the Turkish student’s residence fee, which is the cost of medical insurance, about 300 pounds per year, and the state fees, which vary according to the nationality of the student and range from 80 to 350 TL.
After submitting the papers at the Turkish Immigration and Passports Department, you will get a transaction paper, you must fill in your data in its place, and go to the residence center located in the same building of the Immigration Department to sign it from the competent employee, then go to the wishes and submit the residence request and wait for the acquisition To agree.
Student residence is not granted to parents or relatives, it is a personal residence and if it is necessary to take one of the parents to the Turkish lands, he must obtain another type of residence such as a tourist residence or work residence.
It is not required to obtain a student residence for university students or students of Turkish institutes, but it is possible to stay and learn in Turkey with any other type of residence, but it is considered one of the preferred types of residency obtainable for ease of extraction, and because it gives many advantages.
It allows students to obtain a reduced transportation card that can be used to ride any type of public transport, at only TL 60 per month.
Students are given great discounts for treatment in health insurance and Turkish government hospitals.
When is the student’s residency renewal refused?
When evidence appears that the student is unable to complete the study in Turkey using the student’s residence for a purpose other than that for which there is a judicial decision to exclude the student outside the borders of Turkey and prevent him from entering it
The principles and foundations for the work of students obtaining student residence in Turkey were organized between the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, and the Turkish Ministry of Social Insurance and Labor, and the specific period of work for students was no more than 24 hours per week, but this law was amended, and it is possible Work without a certain limit, provided that a work permit is obtained, and it is a procedure that the employer himself undertakes to recruit students.

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