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Residence of work in Turkey is considered one of the most important types of residence offered by the Turkish government to foreigners and it is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and is formally presented to workers in Turkey and is also known as investor residence or work permit.
A work residence permit is granted in Turkey for a period of one year, after which it can be found for two or three years, and the residence permit allows its holder to obtain Turkish citizenship after 5 years of obtaining the residence permit. The owners of the companies are exempt from some conditions for obtaining work permits in the first year, for example employing 5 Turkish employees. Where they can obtain it in the first year without the need to employ Turkish employees, and they can obtain residence immediately after the establishment of the company.

There are two ways to obtain work residency in Turkey:

First method:
To be the owner of a company and in this case you must establish a company in Turkey with a capital of no less than 100,000 TL. In the event that the company has more than one partner, the share of the partner who wants to extract the work residence must not be less than 40,000 TL.

Second Method:
It is to be a worker or employee in one of the companies where the owner of the company submits the residence request to you in cooperation with the legal accountant of the company and extracting the work residence for you as an employee. The company is fully paid for the tax room and there should be no debts to the social security room. In this case, you can also obtain work residence.

Important note:

5 Turkish employees must be appointed for every foreign employee to obtain work residency for him, and this matter does not apply to Syrian citizenship only.

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