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Turkish citizenship has become the focus of attention of many investors, after the Turkish government issued a package of
Decisions that are in the interest of foreign investors in Turkey where obtaining Turkish citizenship has become
The goal of many investors, because of its privileges, internally and externally
In accordance with Article 46 of the Law Granting Turkish Citizenship No. 5901, an amendment decision was taken in the application of the Law on Granting Turkish Citizenship 18-09-2018
-Recep Tayyip Erdogan-
The President of the Turkish Republic
Are you aspiring to obtain Turkish citizenship? We are here to help and explain to you in detail how you can step-by-step obtain Turkish citizenship for you and your family by investing where you can now obtain Turkish citizenship, either through direct investment or by owning a property in Turkey which will give you the right to obtain  On Turkish citizenship Below are ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for the year 2020

The most common way to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment
Perhaps many questions arise in your mind about your ability to obtain citizenship because it has many benefits through investing in buying a property in Turkey, as an answer to this question. Yes, obtaining Turkish citizenship is possible by purchasing a property in Turkey, and as an addition on this topic You have acquired two important matters of this type: obtaining real estate in a country with significant economic, industrial and commercial growth, which reflects positively on the value of the property, to obtain Turkish citizenship rights and enjoy the nationality of this country due to its many positives such as the strength of the passport and from investment, travel visas and mobility Among many countries of the world, in addition to the rights and great services that it enjoys
What are the specifications of the drug that nominates you for citizenship?
In fact, there is only one characteristic that must be met in the property that will grant you Turkish citizenship, which is that the value of the property is not less than $ 250,000 USD.One evaluation company accredited by the Turkish government will evaluate its price, and as for the investor, the only thing that is required to do is Not to sell the property or transfer ownership of it to another person for a period not less than three years for a Turkish citizen inside Turkey, where he will sign a pledge with the real estate registry regarding this matter

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through a financial deposit
What if I am not interested in real estate investment and would like to obtain Turkish citizenship through financial investment in it ?! Well let me make clear to you an important point that real estate investment is not the only way to do that. One of the ways that you can obtain Turkish citizenship is also the cash deposit, after the Turkish government’s decisions to make facilities for obtaining Turkish citizenship rights, the owners of capital can obtain citizenship Turkish by depositing in a Turkish bank with a value of 500,000 USD or its equivalent in the Turkish currency, or foreign currencies, while the value of the deposit in the previous periods was up to 3 million USD

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