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Family residence is a residence permit given to members of the same family, provided that there is a grantee for it within this family.
This grantor is either a Turkish person who granted residence to members of his family who do not hold Turkish citizenship, or a person he holds a work permit and grants it to his family members.

Which family members who can grant them family residence?

They are the wife, minor children under 18, and parents if they are over 65 years old
Among the things that must be met by a person applying for family residence in Turkey (the breadwinner) are the following:
As for people married to more than one wife, we regret to say that Turkish law allows only one wife
Therefore, you will only be able to grant residency to one wife. As for children, you can grant residency to your children from both wives
Also, a person married to a Turkish woman can obtain family residence for a period of 3 years, up to
Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marriage after the third year.

1. That the person’s gross income is not less than the minimum wage in Turkey.
2. Providing housing that is in line with the safety and public health conditions in Turkey for the family of the breadwinner.
3. All family members must be covered by general health insurance or securta.
4. That he has not committed any crime or violation of the family’s system and laws in the last five years from the date of submitting the application.
5. If the applicant is a foreigner, he must be residing in Turkey for a period of no less than one year with a Turkish residence permit.
6. The applicant must have a registration under the home address; That is, the applicant is registered with the Turkish Souls Department and his address is registered for the duration of the family residence in Turkey.

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